Cant create guides

I've spent the last hour trying to find the official forum for Corel Painter 2020.

I set guides to visible and snap to guides is on.

When I drag from the ruler the guides sometimes don't stay. I have to drag and drop multiple times from the ruler for the guides to remain.

When I try to double click the arrow in the ruler to set the guide position it just deletes the guide. 

After setting a guide down it gets deleted when I try to drag and reposition it.

Your product is GARBAGE.

All I can find on the topic is this page:

And it does not address the issue I'm having.

  • I just figured out that it's because I had the brush tool selected while trying to drag and drop a guide from the ruler. It only works if you draga nd drop while the layer adjuster/selection tool is selected. 


    If I do the same thing in Adobe illustrator or Photoshop I can create guides regardless of which tool is currently selected in the tools palette. This isn't even specified in your manual so I have to assume this is a product feature you put very little thought into. 

    You're asking people to spend money on this product AND trying to push a new version every year?

    Address your current product for a few years first.