Windows 11 + Painter 2022 Brush Accelerator Not Working?

Anyone else getting Windows Insider builds of Win11 and trying to use Painter 2022? I have this on my Surface Book 2 and noticed that I can no longer run the Brush Accelerator. When I start it the document window that Brush Accelerator paints on pops up and then immediately closes without running through the performance test. I previously had P2022 running on this same laptop with Windows 10 and got the accelerator to run so I'm assuming it's something with Win11. 

  • Solved by resetting Corel Painter by holding down shift while starting to get the Painter factory reset dialog. Then I reset All the settings and on restart the brush accelerator ran fine.

    Background is I had a trial of Corel Painter 2022 installed while the machine was on Win 10. Then I started to receive Windows Insider builds of Win 11. When I activated Painter with my purchased license I couldn't re-run the brush accelerator. Only with a full Painter reset would the accelerator work again.

  • Not working for me either. I tried your method and still couldn't get it to work.