Insufficient Space on Disk to Open New Picture (Error)

I have seen a few other very old threads about this but with no resolution. HELP

Every time I try to open this one file, I receive the error message:

"Insufficient Space on Disk to Open New Picture"

My image is significantly large 600ppi, somewhere over 12000 x 10000 pixels. 

Could someone tell me if there is a way to open it in another program or convert the file somehow to a file type that will open in another program?
Or maybe there is another solution? I don't want to believe I could lose all that work. 

I even tried to open an older version of the file and it also gives me this error message. The other threads I've seen with this error also have large image sizes... so it appears to be the problem.

-Corel Painter 2016 
-I have plenty of space on my disk. 
-Windows 10 Pro