Painter 2022 Brush Pack Installation

I've an issue with a recent brush pack purchased through Painter 2022. After paying for the brush pack it had a button saying 'buy' instead of 'install' as they are supposed to. After getting no help from Corel support after submitting a support ticket and 5 attempts to speak with them about this on the phone, I decided to purchase the same brush pack again to see if it would install and sure enough the button for this same brush pack has an 'install' button now and the brush pack vanished from the list of brushes in the store. It shows up in my owned brushes listing but has no checkmark next to it like the others I've purchased. I've tried several times to install the brush pack and it refuses to install. The brush pack is called Thick Paint Palette Brushes which is the same name as a brush pack Painter 2022 has as part of the app.

Corel support swears this brush pack is not identical to the program version of Thick Paint Palette Brushes and said they will fix this problem 4 times on the phone but nothing changes. Finally I hear from them and it's an escalated support agent who gave a link to the wrong brush set! It didn't matter because to install it requires a code sent to my email and after several attempts it never was sent. It was for a brush pack I already had purchased prior called Thick Paint Encaustic. So once again Corel support was useless.

Now I wait for help on Monday as they told me they only have limited support on weekends and I've tried everything I can think of, re-starting the app, trying to glitch Painter's store into an installation, repopulating purchased brush packs and papers, paying twice for the same brush pack, and contacting Corel support over and over while given empty promises. I have until December 7 to file a dispute with Paypal for a refund. Anybody have this same issue or know of anything more I might try doing to jog this brush pack into an install? I'm fresh out of ideas.