I had already report this issue to Corel on the 30th nov 2021 calibration not working

dear members 

on painter 2022

I had reported this issue to Corel on the 30th nov 2021 calibration not working

but only received a automatic reply.

disappointed no real answer from them

I had many times tried the repair option it doesn't work.

but I have good news for all.

I had to uninstall the whole programme to bring it to it's default setting for the first time round

when it does this no numbers are shown!

below what I have written to them with a idea, hope you can back it.



I had managed to fix it myself & also found out what the problem was
even nobody has reply to me????

see below picture, on why it didn't work (slow it down to see)

see video, I send you earlier.

yes, the blue lines were missing
from the adjustments!

I had tried many times using your repair but it didn't work. so, I had to do it the long way round by uninstalling the whole lot, which takes a long time to do. then reinstalling the program again.

idea :- would be to have a reset switch place in the welcome screen, if this happens again.

yes, after reinstalling again your default welcome screen came as doing again first time!

I hope that, I have been helpful to all & be looking forward to a new update, please.

for all your customers

from Alan

please reply
thank you