Bizarre New Glitch - Painter (2021) no longer able to copy and paste transparency?!

As all of you know, normally Painter preserves layer transparency when working with a multi-layered document. If I make a new layer, and make a single stroke in the layer with a brush, then copy and paste that entire layer, Painter pastes an exact copy of the layer, which contains a lot of empty space and a single brushstroke. It does NOT paste a layer filled top to bottom with white pixels to represent all the negative space not used by the brushstroke, like some crappy MS doodle program circa 1996. That is, until now.

When I try to copy and paste a layer from one document to another, instead of getting a copy of the layer, I get my brushstrokes PLUS the entire balance of the canvas size in white pixels.  Needless to say, this is not what I want.  But it's seriously cramping my workflow.  It's extremely frustrating, and I have no idea how to fix it.  Has this happened to anyone else on the internet ever?  I sent Corel a support ticket days ago, so far no response.  I posted on Reddit, on Discord...nothing.  I'm hoping maybe one of you fine people has some idea what I can do (besides shelling out $200 for another version of Painter ;-))

Also tried deleting all my workspaces and restoring factory default settings.  Didn't work.

Help!  Thanks in advance.

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