Installing Corel WinDVD Pro 11 [SP10] After Painter 2022 Causes Painter Start Failure

Installing WinDvd Pro 11 after Corel Painter 2022 causes the latter to not start. Once broken like this you will not be able to repair or uninstall Corel Painter 2022 without resetting the operating system. Details below.

  1. I had Painter 2022 installed on a Windows 11 Surface Book 2 with the latest patch and it was working fine.
  2. Then I installed WinDVD Pro 11 (SP7, then SP10). 
  3. Afterwards Painter fails to launch reports "Error 1" on launch and advises re-installing.
  4. Something about WinDVD Pro 11 also wrecks the Painter 2022 [un]installer such that now you can't cleanly uninstall Painter 2022. Trying to do so causes the [un]installer to initialize but then crash shortly. 
  5. The only solution I found was to Reset the PC - essentially re-installing the OS. Afterwards, I repeated the same sequence and ended up wrecking my Painter 2022 install again. This is when I realized the above sequence because this was done on a fresh install of Win 11. 

I did not thing this would cause catastrophic failure since I have WinDVD Pro 11 running on my main workstation with Painter 2022. I suspect it's because either WinDVD Pro 11 is on a previous service pack OR that installing WinDVD Pro 11 after Corel Painter 2022 is what causes the problem. As WinDVD Pro 11 is old software it may be overwriting something that Painter 2022 needs. This is pure speculation. 

EDIT: After another OS reset, I first installed WinDVD Pro 11, then SP7, then SP10 when Win 11 was clean. Immediately after verifying WinDVD Pro 11 worked, I installed Corel Painter 2022 and the recent patch. Now both programs work. This points to WinDVD Pro 11 changing something that kills Painter 2022 if installed after. SP10 is from 4/2021 so in Corel's favour they are still supporting 10 year old software. It's not clear whether patching is what causes Painter to fail or if it was just the initial install which likely uses older versions of some library.