How to show shortcut keys in the tooltips?

Hello fellow painters,

I'm completely new when it comes to Corel Painter and digital art in general. Right now  I am looking for one specific feature, namely, is it possible to display the shortcut keys in the tooltips when I am hovering the mouse over a button. For example, if I hover over the eraser button in the toolbox, it tells me it's an eraser.


But if I want to find out which button to press to get to this tool I have to go to edit, then preferences, customize keys, select the tools category and then scroll down a bunch, to finally get to the answer 'N'.

This seems unreasonably cumbersome, considering that every other program in every other field I have used thus far would just display this information right there in the tooltip next to the name of the button.

So please enlighten me and tell me that it is only my incompetence at work and that there is an obvious solution to display the button prompts in the tooltips, because right now this issue makes me seriously considering to move away from painter before my journey even properly starts. 

Thank you everyone in advance!