Painter movie function

Against my better judgement I upgraded to Painter 2022. One of the features I'd like to use but never can is the movie function. Seems it has been broken for as long as I can remember.

First issue is the frames control window is so small it's unusable. I can somewhat address this using the high DPI fix in the compatibility settings.

The next bigger issue is the colors on the movie canvas are wrong, faded from what they should be. If I use the same color and pen on a drawing canvas its fine. 

Next issue are horizontal lines across the canvas, can be one or several depending on zoom.

For me these issues have been persistent for far too many versions.

Anyone else seeing these issues?

I'm using a Geforce 1070 with the studio driver.


  • I may have solved part of my problem. It seems when you start a movie there is something up with the way layers are create. Once I made a water color or think paint layer the colors look normal.