New install, many issues. Multiple emails and tickets to Corel go unanswered

(Sorry to bug you guys about this but apparently Corel is ignoring me.  I have two tickets open and no response in over a week.  Here is my email...)

I just purchased the 2022 Painter Educational edition Professional.  I have a problem with it.  When installed it opened a web page saying, "There was a problem with the installation," but it does not say what the problem was.  I can paint fine but...
1) The welcome screen says I am offline so 'What's new,' 'Tutorials,' and 'Get More,' do not work at all.  They are greyed out.
2) Search brushes does not work at all.  I type in text such as "Soft," and it gets stuck on searching. I tried many other searches as well.  It does not work at all...
3) Filter Brushes does not work at all.  Even the pre-made filters.  I read the manual and searched for help.  I know it only searches the open brushes.
4) Might be more, I just installed and started using it.
Painter IS online and gets me updates and manuals without issue.  I updated the program with the most recent update for Painter 2022 (current version  I am using windows 10  Professional x64 and ran windows update.  It says I have Windows 10 x64 version 21H2.  I have a 6 core processor, 3.2GHz.   Ran Windows Update again, it says I'm up to date.  Internet works when I check for updates.  Internet works for all other programs.  Still says I'm offline.
I uninstalled old versions of Painter.  I rebooted.  I uninstalled Painter 2022, rebooted the computer, and installed it fresh.  No change.  I checked my firewall and Painter2022 is allowed.  I even tried turning off the firewall completely, no change.
Any help that anyone can offer would be greatly appreciated.
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