Painter 22 Running package scripts

I downloaded Painter 22 Education version for my iMac running Monterey and on installing the program stuck at 'Running package scripts' with less than minute to go.

Contacted Support and had online chat that resulted in ticket #3351615. No contact within 24 hours but recent experience of Corel Support suggest it may take a week or so to tell me the if and how I can exit the download which is 'Busy'. 

Tried changing Security for Installer and sshd-keygen-wrapper to give access Files and Full Disc. Also uninstalled Painter 18 which was transferred from my old iMac running High Sierra when I moved to my new M1 machine.

Has anyone else had same problem? I expect I will need to get online Technical Support help to resolve this but how do you escalate the ticket to get such a service?