Trouble installing painter 2022

Just tried multiple times opening painter 2022 after several days and tries and multiple online articles and YouTube videos and no results. It says Cannot install the product because another version was installed. I recently bought a new computer and tried installing the painter 2022 upgrade and it says “cannot install the product because another version was installed”. On my old computer I had painter 11 and painter 12. I had painter 11 cd to install on my old computer and painter 12 digital download on my old computer, tried downloading it to my new computer but the link is invalid. If this problem keeps persisting, I will never purchase another Corel product again. Someone please help I’m so angry now. 

  • Hi Shawnzie, Sorry to hear you are having issues. It's hard to know with so little information...I'll start by assuming you meet the system requirements and have your latest OS updates running since you mentioned its a new given this the next things to try would be:

    1. Delete uninstall and files of Painter 2022 you may have on your new laptop. 

    2. Get a fresh download of the application from . A corrupt download can cause an installation to fail.

    2. Before you try installing again, reboot your system to start fresh.

    This helps most people who see a similar issue...hope it gets you running again! If not, please let us know here. 

  • Also note that you can have several versions of Painter fully installed on same PC. I have P20, P21 ans P22 all installed and each works perfectly fine.

    Installing P22 on a system that already has P22 installed will raise install warnings or may fail if prev. version is not installed which case the non-working program should probably be either 'repaired' or 'uninstalled' using OS (I'm guessing you are on a PC) add/remove programs. Right click program in control panel "uninstall or change a program" (win10) and try change/repair first; it often fixes stuff.