Corel Painter 2022 with MS Surface Laptop Studio + MS Pen 2 - compatible? and tech issues

Hi All, 

I'm an artist in the conventional realm (watercolours plus other media) looking to up skills and try out concepts in digital realm prior to rendering with paint.  Trialed Corel Painter 2022 for a couple of weeks and purchased yesterday. 

Does anyone know of compatibility issues between CP 2022 and MS Surface Laptop Studio (Intel Core i7, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD, NVIDIA® GeForce RTX) plus MS Pen 2?

Been messing about to familiarise with CP: 

a) with brush set on colour 1, after switching to colour 2 (as selected and represented on the colour panel ring and main colour), the brush strokes still appear as colour 1.  Only fixed by selecting another brush from the tool and then re-selecting the original brush. 

b) using the magic wand to select a colour region, when going to paint in the selected region, even though a brush is selected, the wand does not become de-selected and prevents painting in the selected region.  Only able to fix by restarting the program. 

c) using the MS Pen 2 (which works excellently elsewhere) appears to show zero response to application of pressure, tilt, etc.  

There's others, but they were the main ones from today.