RTX 3060TI GPU Not Detected by Painter 2022

On my old AMD Radeon RX480 I got a score of ~7600 in Painter 2022.

Last night I upgraded to GeForce RTX 3060TI and now Painter says it can't find my GPU. Internet searches on this matter don't come up with any solutions to the problem but people have had this since Painter 2020. It seems like I can either downgrade to my 6 year old GPU or use Painter without acceleration. Anyone have any suggestions to get the GPU detected? The RTX 3060 is not a new GPU at this point. 

I've got the latest Nvidia Studio Drivers (also tried the Gaming drivers). AFAIK, everything else on my system is working. Games have a noticeable FPS increase. 

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  • Ok, I solved this by shift-clicking to start Painter to invoke the factory reset step. Once I did that and ran the performance wizard it picked up the new GPU. The application should really detect that the GPU has totally changed and advise the user on this step. I was considering returning the card at a loss of money. Hope this helps someone in the future. 

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