RTX 3060TI GPU Not Detected by Painter 2022

On my old AMD Radeon RX480 I got a score of ~7600 in Painter 2022.

Last night I upgraded to GeForce RTX 3060TI and now Painter says it can't find my GPU. Internet searches on this matter don't come up with any solutions to the problem but people have had this since Painter 2020. It seems like I can either downgrade to my 6 year old GPU or use Painter without acceleration. Anyone have any suggestions to get the GPU detected? The RTX 3060 is not a new GPU at this point. 

I've got the latest Nvidia Studio Drivers (also tried the Gaming drivers). AFAIK, everything else on my system is working. Games have a noticeable FPS increase. 

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  • I have just purchased an Innovator 16 Display Tablet and I am trying to tweak my system for the best performance. In painter 2021 the performance test no longer detects my Rx480 GPU so the test will no longer run.

    The latest Xp-pen driver and AMD drivers are installed.

    All my other art Programs are working Fine. I am baffled by the brush performance in painter only; seems bad. Is There a global Re-set In preference( I can not find one)? I do not want to reinstall Painter as It is a Pain to Get it re-registered Due to a Stupid Re-installation Policy By Corel. I am going To reinstall the AMD drivers Using DDU safe Mode Removal Tool.; and try that.

    As regards to your Nvidia Card, I am sure I watched a Linus Tech Tips Video where this card does not get detected by some Apps.

    Back soon.