P23 search failures

P23 trial installed OK, runs OK; except that even in default state (including a shift restart to default) my search toolbar would find none or 1 or 2 brushes either via search term or a compatibility search such as d, wc, etc.

Wrote to Corel and reply was 'probably was from other paid for brush installs'....But, I did not install any other brushes, categories nor libraries...so wrong answer.

I played with win10 search indexer...to ensure P23 indexed = no change in P23.

Verified, in app data Corel search folder, the indexes were listed....seemed all correct.

Today I discovered, by accident, the search window only finds brushes I have selected earlier (no brush usage needed)...and holds true after a P23 close and open new again.

So I clicked on every P23 brush category....search only finds each first brush at top of list of each category.

So I picked a category and clicked on all but 1 brush....yup; search finds all but that brush in that category.

So, in my mind P23 search is broken (was similar in P22 for me)

Workaround is to tediously select every single brush in every category in every brush library intended to utilize search correctly.

Anyone else have similar problem?

Anyone find a better solution/workaround?

Anyone know how to write a script to systematically select every brush? so as to activate a correct search result?


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