Tools Will Not Align In Custom Palette

Just switched from Windows to MacOS12 and simultaneously upgraded to Painter 2023 (from, I think, 2021).

Tools in custom palette refuse to align/sort/stack in a tidy, uniform manner as they have in the past.

I can still move tools by selecting them and holding down Shift, but they are snapping to a grid/template that leaves them all over the place.

You can see that the first 3 icons have settled where you would expect.  When I try to drag the others in line with them, they revert to these locations.  This is as tidy as I can get it.

Not only is it visually irritating, in order to see all the brushes, I'm forced to widen the palette, using up valuable screen space.

Any ideas?

  • I have a work-around (of sorts) that I do on my Macbook Pro, which is to hold shift and grab each brush icon by the lower, left hand border AFTER adding the brushes I want to my custom palette. I find grabbing them here is more likely to re-position them where I expect, although sometimes they still can jump around it at least allows me to clean up the mess (and in turn allow you to narrow the palette for less screen real-estate)