No reply possible from email support


Recently I created 2 tickets on Corel Support regarding 2 separate Painter issues. On both occasions the advice was to simply reset my workspace. Different advice from here sorted one of the issues. On every occasion I try to reply to Support it bounces back saying invalid request this email isn't monitored. Their emails say reply but this doesn't seem to work. I can't seem to reply to the ticket or their emailed reply. 

Any ideas?

Many thanks Jason

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    Former Member 2 months ago

    I'm wondering if there are issues with support. I have got replies (often with gaps in between. They keep answering the same thing. as if they never read my response- or understood it. They even raised it a level they said and the same thing happened.

    I was having issues getting email communications for Painter suddenly. I knew I should have as a friend forwarded me his as a double check.  Everything was still right in Communication preferences in My Account and had no issues before. I doubt I'm missing much currently but with recent management reorganization Id like to know they are coming if they change or announce something.

    Anyway the support loop I seem to get stuck in was they decided I was talking about popups on the PC and kept telling me to change things in Help within the software. The trouble is that wasn't referring to the PC popups but to emails. couldn't get that through (and yes all had always been checked within the software). anyway Ive given up.

    btw alienpainter I too got one message among those that said the email wasn't monitored.

  • I had same issue months ago. Reply to email requesting info was a dead link.

    But, Corel support did exchange info here via this web site.

    But alas, they could not solve the same search for brushes problem I've had for years and earlier Painter just does not work except sometimes on default library only.