marketing improvements needed?

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Not sure where else to post this. I have noticed Painter marketing could do with a review. For instance:

  1. If a new brush sets come out, they often don't appear on Painterartist site- or there's a long lag.
  2. they can advertise brush sales in headers on the site but no emails to users that seem to announce that.. or clear ads in the Welcome window (unless you go down levels and filter for specials)
  3. a new brush set may come with a painting to illustrate their use. However when they show a line of how the brush looks, its always in light blue and diminishes the impact of the brush as it was used in the thumbnail painting. These look Ho-hum and like many other brushes I already have (which it may be!). As someone who has hundreds of brushes this doesn't add excitement to add it to the collection. As I do have so many brushes, promotions for bulk buys are irrelevant , So if something doesnt grab me tin a new ad, I pass it by. as an artist I like to be inspired- and like colour too (not washed out light blue)

Adding to the price jumping considerably between versions with little new features added (hugely more in cost to those with overseas conversion costs added) many missed opportunities it seems to me.

I also had issues with marketing through what turned out to be a promotion when they brought out 2023. I got an email saying that because I was a loyal customer they were giving me 2023 free. No explanation or limits apart form this and a download link and serial number. I was thrilled thinking they'd seen Id been loyal for some decades. I downloaded it only to find it was a subscription due to expire within the fortnight as I recall. I contacted support as I always buy software on perpetual licenses anyway.

Apparently this wasn't a mistake but a marketing ploy- even though this wasn't clear in the email, which never mentioned subscription- or time limits. After some back and forth with support and a move up a level, I was told I 'should have known' it was a subscription by the code within the serial number! I don't know how many of you look at serial numbers and note how the company codes things, but I don't.. Anyway the subscription didn't even cover the year- and of course it would cease to exist if I didn't keep paying subscriptions.

I have been very brand loyal and fond of Corel and felt this was shoddy treatment to a loyal customer. I asked them to convey to marketing they needed to be clearer in their emails. I doubt it was passed on.. or if it was, wondered if they'd take notice or just see me as some troll.

In the end they did say I could use the subscription for the next year if I wanted. However as it would then cease to exist if I didn't pay the subscription, and there wasn't anything new of interest in 2023, I just deleted it and still use 2022 daily.

I still havent found a program that gives me what Painter does (and I do own or have tried others) so I hope it survives- and hopefully flourishes. With them not addressing new hardware (as I see discussed here), nothing much new, and both marketing and support needing improvement, I do have fears that may not happen.