importing legacy files

In P23 we can sometimes import legacy files in palettes for palette libraries. Papers is one that allows for importing legacy papers files such as .pap

Legacy color files .txt import OK

But most palettes do not.

For example nozzles won't import .nzl or .nozzle files

Pattern files .ptl cannot be imported

I'm sure there are other files too. Just try any palette and see if it will "import legacy file".

I know one way is to go way back to Painter 10 or X3, or????, import, then export to .xxxxlibray file type. But while I used Painter since ver 3, I only have programs back to P2018 still active and loaded on my current PC. Not sure I have any older Painter programs disks that will load and run well in win 10 or 11.

So, how does everyone use their old assets?

Including converting Paint Shop Pro .tub files into .nozzlelibrary files.

I have a suggestion for Corel Painter developers and admins....

- Please either update P23 (or newer) to be able to import legacy files of all types!

- Or as a simpler alternate: setup a Corel website page for any registered Corel user to upload their legacy file (by type) and Corel converts the file(s), and allows the user to then download or receive an email with the converted file attached

- Or, allow interested registered users to download a file conversion program (1 for each file type or a master that converts all types) so users can manage control and convert on their own PC.

None of the above is difficult and a good job for a novice programmer at Corel.

Please help your users!!