Nvidia RTX A6000 graphics card not recognised by painter 2020-2023

  1. Can anyone help as I'm getting the run around from Corel. I'm yet to get a reply from an engineer who can help me. One asked for more details, but when I replied to the email it told me that email link is invalid. They worked on my previous pc which had a Nvidia RTX 4000, but it only had 4Gb of ram and 2023 Couldn't run to it's full potential when I ran the brush test. I bought a new PC with the Nvidia RTX A6000 (48Gb) graphics card - top of the Nvidia range costing £5000 but the programs don't recognise it. I've noticed a lot of people on forums with the same issue on lesser models of Nvidia. Has anyone else had this issue and have Corel got an answer/fix for this prolem?