Painter 2023 issue - can't get past message about account

I have been trying to install and use Corel Painter 2023 on my Windows PC. Everything seems to go along fine until I get to the sign in screen. There I get the following message and can not go any further.

Your Corel Account has missing information. Please contact Corel Customer Service to resolve this issue.

I have been working with Corel Support for over a week and nothing suggested has worked. Clearly I am not the only one having this issue and it seems odd that Support wouldn't have documented the fix.

I have uninstalled all versions of Painter, cleared out my temp files, made sure to update Windows as suggested by Support, and even went through my registry to clear out any Corel Painter keys. This laptop is fairly new and I don't have any other Corel applications on it. 

I had the same problem on my old laptop and finally got it resolved but the steps I took to do so don't work.

Does anyone know what the solution is? It can't be a licensing issue as I have two distinct licenses, one for each laptop.