Printing Painter 2022, banding issue

When I print a painting from Painter 2022, I get dark bands, very straight, very precise, in the dark areas.   These show up worse when I print on glossy paper, but they are there, if harder to see, with regular paper as well.  I've cleaned my Deskjet printer cartridges.  I get no such streaks when I print documents and these bands don't show up in lighter areas of the painting.  Any thoughts?

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  • Did you try saving the P22 .rif to another format such as .psd (if you have Photoshop) or .jpg and print the exported file from another program? If OK, then it is Painter printing problem. If same issue then it is a Painter file construct problem.

    Also try different resolution and/or sizes to see if a constant problem or with certain settings.

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