Color distorsions/issues and color set issues on Painter 2022


1) I don't know why i encounter some distorsions in mixing or sometimes applying colors

I almost used only the "Real Oils Short" (?) and i didn't noticed that it was already happening before but it seems less (we can see it a bit in the hair of the second woman) :

here is a video link to the same issue that Roxane Lapa encountered , but for my part modifying sub-category doesn't change anything ( it occurs also on the canvas , not only on a layer )

Painter has almost become unusable ....

2) For the color set , when i select a dark color , for exemple,  TSV: 121-13-19 and add it to my personal color set, it adds TSV: 0-0-19 or TSV: 128-191-15 it becomes TSV; 128-187-15 which is close but not the color i wanted to save . For a brighter color it works fine ... doesn't make any sense ....

I'm a long time Corel Painter user , had the 2016 version then the 2018 and now the 2022 version . I had some isuues on my computer , but i recently upgraded my ram from 16GB to 32GB and reinstalled windows from the family version to the pro version . Everythings work fine . And for these 2 big issues, i uninstalled Painter and deleted all the files that could have stay on my computer and then reinstalled it, and i even uninstalled the Wacom driver and reinstalled it (Cintiq16). The problem's still there . (i already noticed these 2 problems in the 2 others versions, if i remeber well, at least on the 2018 version... )

I noticed something when i wanted to upgrade from the 2018 version to the 2022, that there was a bug in the shortcuts presets backup files (Wacom) so i now do not save my shortcuts in a file and then import the file when i uninstall/reinstall the wacom driver , but just do it manually each times  ....

And i even calibrated my cintiq a week or 2 ago with a calibration device ( Calibrite colorchecker display pro )

My pc config :

Ryzen 5 1600x

32gb ram


gtx 1070