Painter different """supports"""... Not possible !

A few month ago i contacted the support by chat for a simple question on the user manual which is available for anybody freely , even if you do not own any painter version right...? ( so no need to ask your serial number to answer .....? ) it was about a shortcut for rotating the canvas , in the shortcut key description it was written "corner handle" which in french almost doesn't mean anything saying like that . I contacted the support many times , each times the bot indicated me a different translator because there were no french operators available, so from spanish to english or portuguese to english ...????? only once from french to english ... and finally when i got an "answer" the guy sent me a photo of busIness glass buildings with an arrow drawn on it which spotted a window and telling me "this is a handle" ....!!!!?????? WHAT....??????? I even deleted the picture quickly after seeing it , believing it might be a virus or something as it was so unbelievably unsane !  And it took me days to have this answer .

And now for having the possibility of creating an account on the Painter community, which is handled by other people than corel website's ones, i passed by corel support ( you can't contact paintefactory support for having a log in problem because you have to log in to contact them kidding ... ) and maybe also by painterfactory's ones and it took me 2 months to get here !

Just because i never received the confirmation email ( don't know why ... ?) after filling the form for creating a new account which couldn't allow me to log in ...

What happened to this company ???


It is a discussion i post following the one posted by

"Corel Painter's "Support" - Really?"

because it really is a shame somethings like these could happen , and i'm still in trouble with others issues i have (

Color distorsions/issues and color set issues on Painter 2022 )

i contacted corel """support""" and sent them the link to the topic for having help from them 5 days ago and still nothing from them just an automatic mail ...