Re-Installation of Painter 2022 impossible


I had Painter 2022 installed before. The drive where it was installed died.

Because the (re) installation did not work because the installed stated it was still installed, I removed all remnants of Coral from my registry and also removed all folders (AppData / ProgramData).

Now I have the problem that I get the error "The setup encountered a problem while trying to configure your software. Could not access file: .......................setup.msi .This action is only valid for products that are currently installed. Would you like to continue?"

I already tried this but without success. Is there an offline installer option or what can be done to resolve this problem? Obviously, Painter is currently not installed so why does the installer that I downloaded here always refer to a non-installed product? 

Already tried everything that is stated somewhere on the internet (Clean Registry, clean AppData, clean Temp Folder, restarted ...).

Any help would be welcome.


  • Did you save the large installation folder with setup.exe and autorun.inf files when you installed OK earlier? Or are you using a small 1MB install link?

    Large folder should work. Folder is about 550MB and titled: CorelPainter2022_en

    Search for it and try it.

    If you don't have, Corel can send you a link for the download. May be able to get from @ your user acct.

    If at some time you do use small link and download and install OK, and don't have the large folder from before, right after install, you can find the large install folder on your C:/ drive usually under it so you have it, if needed again later.