Homeless Man

Portraits are my favorite thing to paint. This was done in Painter Essentials 5. I mainly used an acrylic brush.

  • Hi, you do fantastic work! I love this. I draw and paint with traditional media as a hobby and recently decided to try my hand with digital media. So I bought a Wacom Intuos Pro and Corel Painter 2018. Just got and haven't really done much yet. Hope you don't mind a newbie question, but: I like the idea of working in layers in case I want to change/fix something with no risk at messing up other parts of the picture. But if you work in layers, how do you blend? I mean, if you draw/paint/blend on one layer does it blend/merge with the underlying layers as if it were on the same layer or does the layer just cover the layer underneath? Thanks for your time. - Emmit

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