This may be a stupid question. I have 14 million PS discs, and can't get one installed. Does Painter have an import function, like to scan an image? I downloaded GIMP, but can't find it there either. I am sick and tired of the Evil Empire. Their techs keep hanging up on me because they don't speak English and can't understand me.

  • There are no stupid questions, only stupid answers, but the key to getting any answer is in placement and making sure the question is understandable. This is the section to share your work, not ask about Painter features so you might want to post this in the Painter Product Discussion forum instead. Secondly, make it clear what you are trying to do. For instance, are you trying to install the Painter application or are you trying to scan an image using art software instead of an actual scanner? Take enough time and patience to explain yourself. I can tell you Painter has several import functions but scanning an image isn't one, that would require either a physical scanner or using a smartphone with scanning software installed. From there you would load the image into your project, usually onto a layer or as a reference image or to trace, there are many options for using the scanned image once it's been scanned properly in the correct format for the application used. Painter is an art program but does not offer an actual scanning function. Personally, I use my old reliable Epson Artisan 810 All in One printer with a built-in scanner to make image copies or my dedicated Canon scanner as those on smartphones aren't that great. You could also take your project to a copy shop like FedEx (which used to be the old Kinko's copy store).

    Congratulations on not being able to find this in GIMP because it won't do this function any more than Corel Painter would and GIMP has always been a PITA so enough said on that by me. I use Photoshop CS5 Extended and that works best for my purposes as the last version Adobe made without requiring a subscription out of their evul empire. I think it's a bit of exaggeration to say Corel techs don't speak English, they do, just not all speak it as well as we do. That isn't their biggest issue for me, they are simply stubborn and some don't understand the software enough to answer questions being asked, but as I mentioned already, it starts with YOU asking the right questions first. Consider this going forward and I wish you the best of luck in accomplishing whatever it is you are doing.