Guides, like Ruler, French Curves and Circle in Painter 2016. Yes!

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In SketchBook Pro 7 you have three Guides Tools. The Ruler, the Circle (Oval) and the French Curve (a set of three). These tools are just great. I can not do without them.

In ArtRage Pro there are also a set of tools similar to the Guides in SketchBook Pro. ArtRage also supports 3 modes of drawing using these Guides, or Stencils as they are called in ArtRage, namely Stencil, Ruler and Guide. They works differently; Stencil blocks areas from paint, just like an alpha channels. Ruler makes it possible to snap to and draw along a ruler without drawing under the ruler. Guide mode makes it possible to guide a stroke that is in the center of the gudie, that means you also draw "under" the ruler.

The Guide tools in both SketchBook and ArtRage are fast, easy to use, scalable and precise.

A combination of the Guide Tools and Functions in SketchBook Pro and ArtRage's would make Painter a much more useful paint- and illustration software. Since there already is a great Perspective Guide tool in Painter the implementation of other Guides, like Ruler, French Curves and Circle / Ellipse tool, is not far away I suppose. In Painter 2016? 

Here you can see the Crayon guided by the French Curves. It is going under as well as on the outside of it. The French Curves, as well as all Stencils in ArtRage can be inverted. You can easily make your own Stencils to be used over and over again.