Painter suggestion

Fix ALL of the bugs before even thinking about creating a new version.

If bugs are not fixed in an old version, fix them in the new version.

Fire everyone involved in quality control / testing. They are grossly incompetent. I'm tempted to say fire all the programmers involved. The problem with some programming is that the programmers don't actually use the software that they create. If there's no supervision or competent tester, the programmers have know idea if the program is correct.

Use a larger number of beta testers. There's a whole forum of die-hard painter users right here. Each one of these users should be beta testers. The people here would be considered free professional testers. Free is good! Listen to the opinion of people who have been using Painter since version one.

Simplify the user interface. Add the option to use one panel for the brush settings. When you choose a brush, all relevant settings appear in that one panel instead of having panels all over the place. The option to customize which settings appear for each brush type, and/or the ability to show all settings or just the common settings.

Listen to your devoted and too forgiving users. Focus on the areas they want. Fix the bugs. If the gross incompetence continue they will all go to your competitors. 

When a new version is released stop hiding the discount. The website should offer the same discount as the by phone ordering.

Publicize this site, direct users to it and then have actual Corel employees who monitor the site, interact with users and then communicate issues to Corel to someone who actually acts on the bug reports and suggestions.

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  • I have a few rooms in my house that need to be painted, hall, living room, kitchen and bedrooms. I also have to varnish some pine doors and skirting and then paint some white doors and skirting located in the older section of the house. I would appreciate any advice regarding the brands of Edmonton Painting Company. I have used Dulux in the past but when looking for advice during my lunch hour one colleague recommended Farrow and Ball, another Colour Trend, another said they were expensive so maybe stick with the Dulux. I used Satinwood in the past and liked it so may use that on the white doors, I think it was by Dulux, do other companies do Satinwood? I would rather pay more for the paint if it will last longer. Thank you in advance for any advice/recommendations.

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