Shortcut to Select Single Layers instantly

The ability to select one layer instantly and turn off the remainder is a very useful feature in (dare I mention?) Photoshop.

I am not the best painter (I'm learning, honestly!) and so I tend to build a painting using layers. I name them as I go, but (ill-disciplined or thick as I am) I find layers such as "Hills Mid Ground" then "Hills Mid Ground Top" then "Hills Mid Ground Top Higher" as I add to each layer and need to ignore the lower ones.

On Photoshop (using Windows) you press "Alt" and then select the eye of the layer you wish to look at, all others switch off, a second click of the eye restore all previously selected layers, it's easy and it saves a great deal of time the way I work.

Also, if an element of the picture could be selected (with the eye dropper) and it highlighted the layer that it was on, it would make life much easier for an old duffer like me, save a great deal of hunting time.

Maybe somebody could consider adding these features?

Thanks for taking the trouble to read this.