Could it be time to fix up quirks in text tool? Remembering selections?

Everything I can do in Painter is something I don't have to use Adobe for... SO VERY MUCH the way I like it!
Though I don't usually need the new features I buy Painter nearly every year, and am proud to do so.

Hwoever, in Windows there are a few unexpected Painter quirks that would make the work experience smoother if "fixed."

  1: remembering the last used selection.

After using the lasso tool to make a complex selection then cutting or deleting the selected area,
if deciding to go back to modify the selection, (via ctrl Z)
more often than not the lasso selection SHOWS the selected area but in fact it isn't selected as shown.
It's forgotten the selected area.
When hitting cut or delete an entirely different area is cut out, usually a selection made much earlier in the session.

2: When selecting a block of text in the image, the text tool doesn't change to the typeface in the selection.
This is the quickest way to identify the typeface, short of scrolling through every font, but it's not working.

3: DEL key operates as a backspace. On Windows.
Windows has a backspace key also, so it would be less confusing to have DEL operating as it normally does in the windows environment.

4:Memory use: somehow Painter chokes up when transforming multiple simultaneous layers, even though it uses multi core CPU quite happily.

I rarely still use Photoshop CS3 (that was the last time I purchased Adobe!) but only on the occasions that Painter protests during transformations.
PS CS3 can only use a single core but it makes the transformations quickly and without difficulty.

I would LOVE to give photoshop the boot, PLEASE get this baby humming like the thoroughbred it is!

Thanks so very muchly,

-Brendon T Wright