Hi-def paper textures? Fancier "simple watercolours"?

Well, 4k TV's seem to be here for a while.

That made me think of my favourite Painter paper textures "Big Canvas" and "Italian Watercolour paper" could have an overhaul.

I guess that would mean an enormous overhaul of the size of all the texture samples. 

It would be FABULOSO to have a paper texture where the grain can just zoom in and in and in and still look like a real watercolour on paper.

My favourite brush is the 2011 Digital Watercolour "New Simple Water" which I haven't found a replacement for, but the way it interacts with the current grains also doesn't withstand intense close-up scrutiny.
zoomed in the grain appears more on/off tone  rather than having paper peaks and valleys.
The size I do my artwork those peaks and valleys don't matter at full size, but it would be nice to be able to scrutinise the work up close too.
I love that that brush is so easy to use yet does so many different things with intuitive use of the stylus.

I'd love a ramped up version that intuitively bleeds with the (hi def) grain without having to use extra commands... so it's closer to my own analogue painting experience... all feel and no thought!

I didn't delve too deeply into the straight Watercolour or Real Watercolour varieties because they weren't as intuitive to use.

I haven't been sniffing the turpentine, but it DOES get harder to think and learn key commands by the day's end!