Would like command keys available for...

I'd greatly enjoy having command toggle shortcut keys available for drawing curved lines/straight lines. Also on/off toggles for drawing in Kaleidoscope mode and Mirror mode.

Also, I have placed some closed palettes drawers along the bottom of my monitor screen. When I double-click on the title bar, the palette pops up and opens as expected. But when I double-click on the title bar again to collapse the palette, I wish the closed title bar would return to the bottom of my screen instead of staying up where it was when the palette was opened.

If these possibilities already exist somewhere, it would be great if someone would let me know. And thanks in advance!

  • Hi Sunburst,

    I_think_Painter has what you need here, just need to clarify...

    When you say "drawing curved lines/straight lines", do you mean "Align to Path"? In order to align to path a curve must be present in the document (i.e created by the pen or the quick-curve). If so, this does not have a shortcut key by default; however one can be added via Menu>Preferences>Customize Keys. Once in the dialog under the "Shortcuts Combobox" select "Tools" and you will see an option for "Toggle Snap to Path"...in there you can set any shortcut you like.

    If you meant simply going between 'freehand strokes' and 'straightline strokes', the shortcuts are "B" and "V" respectively. (no customization required)

    Kaleidoscope is " Shift+` " by default and Mirror is " ` "by default (hopefully you can see the key in between my quotes)

    In terms of the palette issue, I am not seeing that behavior, maybe I don't fully understand it...maybe a screenshot or video could help?

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