Adjusting the Bristle via keyboard shortcut:

Perhaps I am missing something and I can make my own shortcuts for adjusting the bristle features, but I will do so more checking; although I believe I already tried this sometime back as was not able too....  The bristle feature in my estimation need to have keyboard adjustment just like the size of the brush can be adjusted with the bracket keys....  

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  • To my knowledge this is not possible; however, there is a way to 'lock/unlock' the number of bristle features with the brush size, such that you can have bristles added when the brush gets larger or, alternatively space out when the brush gets larger.

    But that may not be what you're looking for in your workflow...

    Do you need only a couple of variations in the number of bristles? If so, saving the brush variant with 'high feature' value and the same variant with a 'low feature' value may be an alternative as you could put both on a custom palette and quickly switch between them...

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