YAPfiPET (Yet Another Painter for iPad Enquiry Thread)

Dear makers of Painter,

if you are like me, you won't surely omit the fact that there is already an app named Painter for iOS out there. I presume the app does not come from you, though. But it is undoubtedly there, and I am using it on my iPad, in addition to ProCreate (huh, am I experiencing a deja vu again?) and some other apps, among others Sketches Pro.

To make a long story short: are there any plans to teleport Corel Painter on the iPad/iOS? Now that most of iPads (also those which aren't "Pro") have been set free to use with the Apple Pen, it becomes seriously a considerable option. It is a new kind of experience for me, having a "normal" iPad + Pen with me and using it as sketchbook wherever I go. 

Of course, as stated above, there are another painting apps for mobile devices out there, with living communities, tons of brush add ons (which are partially even free), but that is not the point. 

Are you going to move towards mobile devices? 

Best regards