moveable paper

Often times the paper is not positioned as desired regardless of the current controls we have.

Sure I could just make a special paper for each image, but often the paper exists but just not quite adjustable enough. Not so much for small papers that are applied seamlessly with many repeats, but with larger size papers such as 1000x1000 pixels or even larger.

So my suggestion is to add a translation or 'pan the paper' adding a hand control to move the paper into desired position in x and y directions and seen on the canvas in real time as the paper is moved/positioned.

Would be nice to also have ability to save as a new paper; but not required.

Thus if we had a painting canvas of say 1000x1000 pixels and a paper of 2000x2000 pixels, we could move the paper left/right and up/down quite a bit to get the paper just right in the desired position on the canvas.

This is especially important for papers that are very diverse across the paper image as opposed to papers that are quite consistent for texture across the whole paper image.