indicator lights or button

Two wonderful features in Painter are very useful but when active they may be hidden to the user, resulting in confusion and needless effort to resolve the dilemma as something seems to be working incorrectly because of not remembering a status set earlier.

For example a selection is made but set as hidden  (i.e. hide/show marquee)

Or, "define pattern" is on or off.

There may be others and a consistent solution is very simple:

Suggest that a button (colored when depressed as in "on" or active) or light (such as a spherical circle that is gray (or red) when off and colored green when "on" or active); along with an appropriate text and/or symbol, should show in the Property Bar.

Result is a much happier user because we know when a selection is active or not, even when hidden, and

Know when "define pattern" is on or not by a simple quick glance at the Property Bar.

Property Bar already has other convenient settings, always good to know at a glance.

These indicators could also be a button to mouse click to change setting from on to off or vice versa.