Please bring back "duplicate layer" for groups

Removal of this option has proved problematic to workflow.

It worked without issue in previous versions of painter...  a group could be selected in the layers panel and duplicated, plain and simple. it requires multiple steps to do the same action. 

The layers within the group now have to be selected, duplicated, then moved together into the right order then grouped.

Would absolutely LOVE this option returned.

  • Hey I never noticed that Brendoon, you're right--it's missing from the right-click menu (or 2-finger click on Mac).

    The good news is the feature isn't entirely removed: I checked around and it is still available in "Menu>Layers>Duplicate Layer " and in the option menu (upper right corner of the Layers Panel) and both appeared to duplicate the group. If you use this command frequently, you can create a keyboard shortcut for it, or add it to a custom palette by following these steps:

    1. Select Menu "Window > Custom Palette > Add Command"

    2. With the dialog open, click Menu "Layers > Duplicate Layer"

    3. Click OK

    Now you have a button which will either duplicate layers or groups.