record pen pressure vs stroke time

This may sound like a wild or weird idea....but there is a reason....many reasons...

Suggest Painter has a user function (a little like record a brush stroke) in which, when "record" is set, it records the pen pressure (and more such as velocity) for the stroke, can save the data, and can present the data back to user as a line graph of pressure vs. time.

3 reasons:

1. allows the user to comprehend just how the pen is being used, either consistently or not, and just what pressure has an effect on the resulting look of the stroke.

2. allows for a teacher to clearly show a student (or users can share a recorded file) what kind of pen pressure on a tablet is needed to generate a desired stroke

3. allows user to see user pen stroke pressure as compared to the brush tracking setting (use same pressure scales please).

Also nice to have ability to show the pen pressure vs time on same brush tracker window so users can see the pen trial/sample that creates a pen tracking setting vs. how the stroke being made when using a brush to make marks, one can compare different strokes.

Result is a better understanding of how to use a brush, using a Wacom (or other pen), and how it is affected by the stroke made using pressure, rotation, velocity, etc.

Users have no other way to describe or understand how the pen is being used...except by feel; which is at best rather difficult to describe other than....for example: use heavy pressure at start of stroke and use very light pressure at end of stroke.

Even a video showing pen use up close does not show pen pressure so one can learn to use certain brushes in certain ways to obtain desired results.

This is another method for users to better understand how to paint.


  • Here is another idea, related to the same suggestion above.

    If a pressure vs. time chart is made available, a natural extension would be to allow the user to "generate" or "create" o "modify" the graph line. Much in the same way other graphical displays are made.  (for example the effects, tonal control, "adjust colors", using the freehand method advanced curve.)

    i.e. the chart line is a  Bezier path (as if created with the pen tool), with several point nodes, and the shape/curve can be manipulated.

    Why? To either modify a stroke pressure chart based on a captured stroke. Or to create a stroke pressure to be used with a brush to help analyze what that brush yields on a canvas. And can be used to help user to adjust the brush tracker settings to use with the brush.

    Also, if the pressure stroke can be applied to another brush, one could setup a test pattern "recorded" stroke for brush playback....and/or use when applying a stroke along a path.

    All of above can be used for better learning how pen pressure affects results....and can also be used to paint something....and perhaps used in connection with "auto paint" settings to change the auto paint results.

    As well as users and teachers would be able to share a pressure setup and picture, to help better explain how to use a brush. Even the Corel Painter User Guide could use these types of tools and graphical pictures to help explain how to use Painter's brushes that are affected by pen pressure.