Monogram CC / Palette Gear

Hi there,

I’d thought I would join here instead of trying to contact product managers out of the blue via other social services! So first post, I’m a long time user of Photoshop, close to 20 years I would say, during that time I’ve used a few versions of Painter that came free with Wacom tablets at the time and now I’m fully integrating Painter into my workflows as I’m finding the brush technologies and Layer blend modes amazing, slowly getting there…

Over the years I’ve bought a few Peripherals to try to speed things up, one of those things is ‘Palette Gear’, something now I love 2nd to my Wacom tablet, individual buttons can be magnetically connected to a ‘core’ in any order the user desires. It’s a hugely customisable piece of equipment, with the new incarnation of the device now known as MonogramCC they’re also releasing a SDK for developers, and I personally think it would be hugely beneficial if Corel looked into working with these guys, is there anyone I could speak to privately about this and provide contact details to Monogram’s developers?

kind Regards,