Make depth channel useful please

Painter once was my main art  tool  but I hardly use it now. Completion went far ahead in almost every aspect.      Still it has a hidden treasure : a depth channel  for impasto effects.    True 32 bit one.

I am a texture artist working for games and years ago Painter was everything  I need.  Not anymore.    I use Substance ,  Mari and other soft and hate them all.   All them lacking that surface touch and material feeling  Painter always provided .   Sometimes I open Painter to feel for a moment that  old "at home" nostalgia  then have to go away. It's absolutely useless for me in its current state.

But all this could be changed with just a few minor additions:    

1. Depth blending method  of very simple math  combining  layers based on its depth.  Like one in Quixel mixer.  basically (Max of layerA and B) - layerA  for blending mask

2. Ability  to export depth as 16 or 32 bit grayscale image/layer  .   Somebody did Blender addon for that but I can't even find it anymore

3 . Few live effects/adjustments like turning depth into normal map and hipass+ levels to make cavity maps

4. maybe something like "patch tool"  and "inpaint" from Affinity Photo working on both RGBA and Depth in sync

Those features would open a whole new market niche  for Painter since I am not alone who hates all that robotic Substance approach Adobe following  and I would gladly buy updates every years

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