variable strokes: mirror and kaleidoscope painting

Mirror and kaleidoscope painting is a very valuable painting method. Currently the mirror is exact and thus can often look in-organic/computer made/repetitive.

My suggestion is to have a user adjustable variability (from zero {current state} to 100% and individual controls selective) applied to the mirrored strokes.

Variables could include: hue, sat, value, texture, impasto, expression, size, jitter, angle  etc.;  anything associated with the brush in use; using brush controls, paper, texture, etc. Or perhaps using a different brush variant for the "duplicated" strokes.

If user applies strokes only on one side of the mirror, the results would look lousy and unbalanced. However, in use, painting strokes in each segment of the mirrors would keep the image balanced and organic (not exactly but variable duplicated across the "mirror plane(s)". Thus the User Guide would need to explain how to best utilize this effect by paining marks on all areas in the mirrored segments.

One would assume the variability needed for the mirrored strokes would be slight, not large; otherwise the results may be just plain weird/unrealistic/too abstract, instead of handmade organic. But then, maybe that could be an expressive good new thing?