Lock canvas against accidental selection

I love Painter very much as a freelance cartoonist.
There are still some unresolved issues which cause workflow difficulties though. Here's one would be nice to see changed:

Thousands of times in my 14 years as a Painter fan I've found my pen has drawn on the canvas instead of my intended layer.
That's autoselect being too willing to please.

To recover it I've been able to then lift the canvas as a watercolour layer, but in order to completely remove every artifact (either white or antialiased) I sometimes have to redraw those lines, losing some of the spontaneous perfection. (When I lock the transparency and recolour the drawing on this layer these artifacts become a problem)

I know the help says "The canvas is always in a locked state, therefore, it cannot be unlocked." but it's never truly locked either: it can be selected and drawn on.

I know switching "auto select" off will stop that happening, but autoselect is otherwise essential to a good workflow.

Pleeeeease! Give us "Lockdown" powers over the canvas.