Interpolation Options with Free Transform

Hello there,

As it states, Interpolation Options, for Free Transform: Nearest Neighbor, Bicubic, and maybe Lanczos, would make for easier work flow. Every time I want to transform something, it heavily blurs, like it was done in Bilinear. I can't tell you how many times I've used Photoshop to correct something, rather than just redraw it. 

Unless there is a way to change this during a lasso'd object and I'm just not seeing it, let me know. I've looked all over and I just don't see a way :(

Hopefully, this can be done. I do want this to be a thing here in the next Corel Painter upgrade :)

Thanks to any input on this matter

  • One more thing I forgot to mention, if there are plugins that can allow this function, let me know :)

  • if you already have photoshop just stick to it, or get clip studio paint or something, painter doesn't offer any options to change its asinine scaling algorithms (there's more trouble to it than the blurriness, it adds pixel fringe more often than not when upscaling soft edges) and this board has collectively begged for improvement for like 10 years probably at this point. they just don't care.