auto paint stroke paths

Wonderful to have vector paths in Painter. Excellent we can constrain a brush to paint aligned to a path.

But, suggest we could do more and expand our capabilities easily in Painter:

1. Make it possible to "auto-paint" along vector paths. Manual painting along an 'aligned to path' is OK for small/few paths but for many/lengthy paths it is tedious. If I stroke a path (solid color + width) and save as a .rif and then auto paint a clone, the results are messy and not like manually brushing on an constrained align to path painting.

2. Somewhat similar would be our ability to assign any brush setup to be able to stroke a path using the shape attributes dialog window panel...simply select the current brush and choose stroke path with the brush,much like stroke path with the solid line controls, to control color, width, ends,etc.  So suggest you implement this capability too.

This would expand functionality and allow painters to express images in additional ways.