Pen pressure widget

Someone asked for this in the Reddit group, which made me realize that I wanted it too. Sometimes, pen pressure doesn't seem to be doing anything, and I start wondering if my Wacom driver is on the fritz again, or if I forgot to change  setting. A widget showing pen pressure (heck, maybe even a running display of tilt, rotation, speed, bearing, etc) could be extremely useful in such situations.

  • Yes, useful.

    And could be a small panel display similar to the old mouse pressure settings but displays the info. Or like the new panel that shows what each brush has for performance.

    Another use would be to look at the panel info just before making a brush mark; to see position etc. in attempt to repeat a similar stroke done before, or to do some test strokes and know what parameters change with brush position in hand/fingers to see what body motion results in brush changes.

    Actually, with user options, may be easier/better to display as part of brush cursor...with data surrounding the center point x of brush cursor.  Might think would be distracting but I have several other graphics programs that do just that and are helpful; as long as user has options to check on/off which information id displayed.