make lists in optional alpha order

We have many lists in Painter.

Except for std Pxx brush libraries,almost  nothing is in alpha order, Rather it seems things are 'first in' order at top and 'last in' order at bottom of a list.

Yes we can arrange categories via drag n drop within Libraries....very nice...But tedious if the list is long.

So the suggestion is for users to have an option button or check box or??? method to auto arrange list order alphabetically, based on the name. Could be other ways to sort such as by date or type or??  but alpha is most desired/common/ordinary. Much like File Explorer sort by name, type, date, etc for column lists

Such that as user sees any list (papers, textures, libraries, categories, brushes, etc. etc.) user can click something to make the list automatically arrange in alpha order. Or if a check box, list will auto update with any changes.

Aha, yes, the brush search panel does report back a list in alpha order...nice! Tho limited to open brush library.

So, users will be more productive and less frustrated finding stuff.

And since search was would be nice if we could search for more than papers, or anything else Painter uses. For now I must use a 3rd party search engine and search hard drive to find stuff.