The painter devs lack focus

I've been using Painter since around 2000, back before corel owned it. I feel that Painter has lost its way and no longer has a identity or aim of what it ultimately is suppose to be. Its suppose to be the premiere software for artists, yet the devs insist on adding things that do little for artists yet more for people who do art casually and want to try random stuff. Audio brushes? AI painting? How on earth does that even fit with the painter theme? Time and resources could of spent on adding things that matter. How about I don't know...something simple like recent documents prioritizing themselves by the last time they were opened? The ability to copy and paste multiple layers at once. How about being able to rotate the reference window? How about adding gpu support for all brushes instead of trying to milk them by adding them each painter revision?

 I can't even imagine what random feature they will add in painter 2022.

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    This is what I think about Corel and Painter too. Since there are some other good software around I have enough of them and they dont cost me anyting after buying them some years ago. All upgrades are free. Affinity suite Photo, Designer and Publisher, Clip Studio and Sketchbook, no cost at all for some years. Always upgrading for free. All professional upgrades by requestst and support from users, both professionals and hobbyists, and the developing team.

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