additional auto paint capabilities

When I sign up for Corel sponsored webinars featuring tutorials by Painter artists, the sign up includes questions for what would we like to see in future.

Had a brainstorm today from trying to do some special effects paintings yesterday.

Mental collision resulted in this idea:

It would be very nice if Painter could auto-paint using some special dynamic plug-in capabilities and/or some esoterica effects. All are used less often partly because they require preplanning, setup, non-standard painting tools.

So if auto-paint could do these, it would be beneficial and expand our usefulness of existing tools.

OK I agree not all of them are needed as they are simple panels with sliders; such as brightness/contrast, equalize, glass distortion, etc. or are already easily interactive.

But, things like these listed here are more user intensive and manual that could be automated; at least to get a good start and then touch-up manually

and are actions based upon a cloned image:

- liquid lens

- liquid metal

- make mosaic/tessellation

- growth

This would expand Painter usefulness at a low development cost.